Who We Are

A Family of Believers United in Love to Glorify God

A Family of Believers

Church is more than a place to go and more than an event to attend. It is a family to belong to. God’s children—brothers and sisters in Christ—who don’t merely have a membership in a common organization, but a shared life they walk through together. And by the grace of God, that is what we strive to be.

United in Love

Unity is absolutely essential to the flourishing of our church, and it can only really happen as we grow in love. Love should be the hallmark of Jesus' followers—a love for one another that looks very much like his love. It is this love that will keep us united and carry us into the future God has for us. 

To Glorify God

This is what it’s all about… Everything we do should be in pursuit of glorifying—shining the spotlight on—God. His love, his power, his goodness, his presence. We operate as a church family under his authority and by his power to bring his purposes to bear for the glory of his kingdom.

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