Dear Church Family –


Prov 3 -"Trust in the Lord with all your heart..."


Hello from the Elders. We want to keep the congregation as informed as possible. In that spirit, please take the time to review the entire message. We continue to make decisions in an effort to protect the health of the congregation and show loving-kindness for our neighbors. With so much still unknown about the virus, we don’t want to cause anyone harm. And we form that regard for others by faith. The government is plausibly seeking cooperation and we support our government as a local church group.


We have been so encouraged by the unity and participation of our virtual worship time. We thank you! Many thanks for the hard work and creativity of our ministers. Thank you for the continued support and effort from our Deacons. We believe much of what we are learning today can be a benefit to our members moving forward.  


Our current plan:

1. Based on the information from authorities and our local healthcare professionals – we are extending our Virtual Worship Services until mid-June. The church is the Saints – not a building. We encourage all our members to worship together at 10:30a.


We are happy to announce there will be a class added during the 9:30a time frame for adults.   We are excited about this class. It will be LIVE, interactive, 45 minute Bible class on The Christian Worldview, accessed via on-line delivery.  We expect viewers from other churches and beliefs will attend. Starting Sunday, April 5 at 9:30a. Look for additional follow. Jordon will continue to coordinate classes for our youth.  


2. Our summer programs (ie; Talking is Teaching) will be suspended until Sept. 1st.   


3. The Toddler, Nursery, Worship Nursery, and Bible hour classes will be suspended until Sept 1st. This will give the Deacons and Coordinators time to plan, assign teachers and reorganize once we are back in the building.


4. VBS is canceled this year. The coordinators may take any action needed to protect the investment already made. Please coordinate with the appropriate Deacons.


5. The Wednesday evening leaders are brainstorming a couple of new ideas about Wednesday evening Bible class…. More to follow.


6. If you drop your weekly contribution off at the church building – please leave it in the mailbox by the office door. It is very safe and secure.


7. The food room remains open. Our sincerest thanks to men and women who continue to serve in that ministry. You are a shining light for the church!


8.  Face masks - thank you to the wonderful members making facemasks!  If you need a facemask - please contact the church office.


We want to encourage everyone to think creatively. Let one of the elders, deacons, or ministers know if you have any ideas about the fellowship or how to support and encourage one another. We are moving forward as a church!


We love and pray for every one of you!


The Elders

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