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Met with a man this week about a real estate matter. We hadn’t really talked since he used to write speeding tickets for a town we both worked for.  Then we got sick. 

He’s into business now and also pastors an independent church with Assembly of God roots. 

We took care of business, then talked for awhile.  He gave me permission to excerpt our conversation. 

We covered a lot of ground and ended up swapping medical stories.  Will write more another day, but we first talked virus. His church is still meeting.  Mine isn’t.  We explained to each other why. 

He stressed our right, duty, and privilege to meet. Put a lot of weight on each person deciding for himself or herself. If someone gets sick and dies, he/she gets sick and dies by faith.  We account to God, not the government. 

Without telling him he was wrong and gonna burn in hell, I told him that my church’s leaders see it as loving our neighbor. With so much still unknown about the virus, we don’t want to cause anyone harm. And we form that regard for others by faith.  The government has plausibly asked us to cooperate for inoffensive reasons.  We are choosing at this point to cooperate. 

It’s not irrelevant, but it’s also not dispositive that our decisions to meet, not meet were reached after different decision-making processes. In his church as Pastor, he alone made the call.  In my church, 6 Elders did. 

This disagreement is an example of how believers, presumably earnest and Spirit-led, can reach different conclusions about things that matter.  A truth borne out in our lives everyday, but too often not championed. 

I am so glad we serve a God whose grace is sufficient.  He extends it to us.  We extend it to each other.  In those times we make decisions by faith that could or could not be better, God’s grace is sufficient. 

D Jackson


Bible Hour is available for toddlers thru Kindergarten in the library this morning during assembly. A Cry Room/Nursing Room is available in Rm 21.

TEACHERS NEEDED for ALL Children’s Classes, Nursery, and Bible Hour. Please see Melissa Bradley if you are willing to help.

CONGRATULATIONS to Adison Day on being nominated for Miss Owasso Mid High.

CHAIR SET-UP—We need two more families for the month of March to help set up chairs on Saturday. Please see Brian Deckman.


These men will be presented to the congregation, and if no objections, be appointed around Feb. 28th.

  • Todd Witten 
  • Randall Dolan
  • Dane Garrett
  • Brian Hodge
  • Michael Priest
  • Don Roddy
  • Jason Smith
  • Zach Mendez
  • Lance Nelms


Kyle will be away, Feb. 22 thru Mar. 3, studying and touring some of the New Testament locations in Turkey (Ephesus, Colossae, Laodicea, etc.). Please be praying for safe travels and an enriching experience. If you would like to follow along with Kyle’s photos and updates from the trip, you can sign up to follow him on Journi by going to bit.ly/kyleinturkey


High School seniors planning to attend OCU next fall, it is time to apply for the Oklahoma Christian Women’s Assoc. (OCWA) scholarship. Deadline is March, 6, 2016. Application and additional requirements are available at www.oc.edu and then type OCWA scholarship in the search bar.


is building a house on the corner of 9th & Union. They had the wall raising yesterday, but anyone & everyone is welcome to come and volunteer on any Saturday or weekday. No experience necessary. Contact Josh Bryan or just show up.


Please contact Melissa Bradley if you would be willing to help out. The schedule is very flexible, you can do every other week, or two, three, or four weeks at a time; whatever works for you. Lessons are prepared, and available to read over before hand.

Dustin Hilton (Bradley)

If you would like to send Dustin Hilton (Bradley) a card of encouragement and a thank you for serving his country, his address is: Pvt. Hilton, Dustin, D Co. 35th EN BN, 6221 Iowa Avenue, Fort Leonardwood, MO 65473. The back of the envelope, should have the number 2 in the center above the flap and PLT centered below the flap. Dustin enlisted in the Army and has been gone about 6 weeks.


Please sign up if you can help on Saturdays to setup the sound and visual equipment. The sign up sheet is on the back table.


have been moved to the east hallway of the Educational Bldg.


The Elders are now meeting every 1st & 3rd Sunday mornings. If you would like to visit with them during this time, please contact one of them to make an appointment, in order that they will have time to give you their full attention.


We are asking for all pledge fulfillment donations to be put in a special donation envelope or clearly marked on the checks when given during the offering. This will help us keep accurate records and help with the building planning process.

We have resumed our in-person Sunday service at 10:30 am. However, we also realize that the timing may not be right for everyone to get out and gather just yet, so we are also livestreaming the service which can be viewed below. If you have any concerns about getting out at all, please continue to participate in worship from home. Take all the time you need until you are ready to join us in person. We also encourage those who choose to attend at the church building to continue to practice social distancing as much as possible. If you are feeling ill, if you have a fever, or if you have been in contact recently with someone who has been sick, please take advantage of our online service option.


If you would like to join us in person, we will be happy to see you Sunday at 10:30, and if you would like to join us online, we will be happy to praise God in one voice with you as well.






We are an exciting and growing congregation in the heart of Collinsville, Oklahoma.  We are a Bible-centered fellowship that serves Jesus as Lord and seeks to share his grace throughout the world. We would love to have you join us for worship, Bible class, or for one of our special events!